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Meet The Boaty Kit: Your Bidet's 
Best Friend
Wipe That Water Off With Something Nicer Than Paper

After a thorough bidet rinse, all that is left to dry is… water. Don’t worry about handling 💩, because bidets are conveniently meant for cleaning. Think about it, if you're wiping water… you can easily avoid flushing trees and money down the drain.

We designed the Boaty system to be the perfect bidet companion. 

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Ultra Soft, Thick &
Absorbent Cotton Rolls

Paper is harsh on skin and gets destroyed when wiping up moisture (it’s not really good at doing what it’s meant to, actually). We believe that you should get the absorbency you deserve instead of dirty, wet fingers! 
Experience Boaty's soft touch! The ultimate alternative to toilet paper comes in individual rolls for hygiene and convenience purposes. We have chosen the perfect fabric for your bum: no irritations, no harsh chemicals, only delight.

A Bidet for a Spick and Span Bum

Using a bidet is life-changing. You’ll never want to go back to dry-wiping! 💦

The sensation of freshness you will get using the bidet & Boaty Kit combo has to be experienced. We’re proposing a whole new way to wipe.

And if you don’t already own that cool bum shower you can add underneath your toilet seat, we've got you covered! We’re partnering up with Luxe bidet so you can get a bidet attachment with your kit when we launch. This is your chance to have a complete heavenly spa experience for your bottoms.

An Easy-Peasy System Made so You Can Focus on Your Sh*t
Take a roll from the basket.

Do a quick bidet rinse if needed and wipe yourself up.

Put the used roll in the wet bag while waiting for the next wash.

When the wet bag is full, unsnap it and bring it to the washer. Then, unzip the bottom. No need to touch the rolls!

Put the clean rolls in the dryer & notice how they roll up on their own.
It's magical!

Place them back in the basket
and re-use.

The Boaty Toilet Kit: What's Included
  •  36 rolls: Your choice of white or black
  • A fabric basket to contain them all
  •  A wet bag with a fabric cover to put your rolls after use

Both can be suspended on either side of the toilet, with knots placed between the lid and the tank.

Use and Reuse... Again and Again

Toilet paper sludge from water treatment plants gets burned and then buried in our landfills … and that sucks.👎 This means that many other ecological alternatives like bamboo toilet paper end up in the same place...

The solution to disposable is reusable... and we want to help you make this green transition a little smoother. We know how important it is for you to be an environmental ambassador. We also know that you don't want to sacrifice your comfort. With Boaty, you can do your part for the planet while remaining comfy.

Toilet Paper is Dead.
Long Live the Planet!

• 34 millions of rolls are flushed every single day, in the US only. That's 36.5 billion rolls a year!

• When it comes to toilet paper consumption, the equivalent of 27 000 trees are buried in landfills around the world daily.

• The chlorine used in the bleaching process of toilet paper is an environmental nightmare! It ends up in our waterways and soil and can have harmful health effects

• The fabrication of a single roll of toilet paper requires ~37 gallons of water. In comparison, washing a load of laundry requires ~15 gallons which you need to wash your dirty underwear anyway. So, why not throw in your rolls while you’re at it!

• In North America, the average cost of toilet paper per person is $150 per year. With a family of four, that's more than $40,000 spent in a lifetime. With Boaty, you’ll save a “boat’s worth” of money!

« We wash our dishes, our clothes and our rags... Why don't we do the same with the item that we throw away the most in our homes? »

- Marie-Eve, founder of Boaty

Because We Care 💚

We care about our community

🍁 Our rolls and kits are proudly made in Canada. Everything is sewn and assembled in ethical working conditions (and even by non-profit organizations).

We care about our forests.

🌲 We will be planting a tree for each backer that supports us. You say no to single use paper, we say yes to replenishing our forests.

We care about you.

🤗 Our rolls and kits have been tested in the Quebec market by nearly 1,000 customers. We have listened to them and fixed every issue they have encountered; we are now delighted to offer you a perfectly optimal product.
People Are Raving About Our Rolls 🙌

« I really love the simplicity and efficiency of the system, and the fact that the rolls can be taken out of the dryer and be put directly into their basket! I can’t live without them! » 

- Laurence

« NEVER GOING BACK! At the beginning, I was a little bit intimidated by the concept. But now, it’s regular toilet paper that I find disgusting 😄! The system is really well thought out. Some of my skeptical friends have even dared to try them! »

- Justine

« I was already using reusable toilet cloths when doing a #1 for quite a while now…
I decided to try Boaty’s system anyway: 😱 How can the rolls be so soft? Are you kidding me?! I am in LOVE! »

- Claudia

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